Skin Food


Suitable for all skin types.

Deep moisturizing mask.





Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight to act in more profundity. Its hydrating effect contributes to give softness and elasticity to mature skin.


Thanks to the content of vitamins, minerals and substances that stimulate the immune system, Aloe extract has moisturizing action, stimulates skin repair and alleviate skin inflammation and irritation. It has also a tensor and anti-aging effect, helps to reduce dark spots and delay their appearance on the hands and face. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, it also has a purifying action.


Ceramides are used to restore and maintain the natural deep of skin barrier against the aging action. Ceramides play a fundamental role in preventing transepidermal water loss, maintaining skin hydration and elasticity.


Butyrospermum parkii is a natural emollient made with vellum paradoxa nuts. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, protects the skin, takes care of minor abrasions, prevents and reduces wrinkles and it nourishes the skin.


It is a vegetable lipid composed of a mixture of waxy esters, like E vitamin, B complex vitamins, minerals such as zinc, copper and iodine. Jojoba oil is a very powerful emollient; it keeps the skin hydrated and elasticized avoiding dry and irritation effects. When the natural hydro-lipid mantle of the skin fails, the consequences are irritation or desquamation.