C Power contains 10% of Ascorbic Acid, which is the purest vitamin C that exists. Ascorbic acid allows an improvement effect of the skin, complexion lighting and reduction of photo-aging stains, much higher than the common vitamin C ester we often find mentioned i n the creams.

The powerful antioxidant action of ascorbic acid is an instrument essential for the fight against free radicals and aging of the skin. To preserve the action of ascorbic acid intact, emulsify only at the time of use. From the moment you press the red button on top of the bottle and the active substance is added with the emulsion, the product will keep its effectiveness for a week.




The Retinyl Palmitate improves the thickness of the skin, decreasing the wrinkle depth. Retinyl Palmitate increases the production of collagen improving at the same time skin tone and elasticity.


Powerful antioxidant, it reduces the pigmentation of high pigmented skin marks, brightens skin tone improves the natural healing response of the skin.