FAQ Plasma Lift


The Jett Plasma Medical is a controlled-powered medical device that is used for a variety of skin treatments and helps with the removal of scars, moles and stretch marks as well as skin tightening and lifting. Jett Medical UK is setting the standards in plasma treatments.

Jett Medical Plasma pen is the only plasma pen to be used in Dermatology, Aesthetics, Plastic surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynecology – ABLATIVE & NON-ABLATIVE TREATMENTS.

It is especially effective in ‘lifting’ droopy upper eyelids. As you’ll no doubt agree, droopy lids cannot be kept a secret and hence they can broadcast one’s age. The skin around the eyes is very thin and will lose elasticity faster than the rest of the face.

Jett Plasma Lift is the next generation technology for skin tightening and stimulating collagen production.

It enables the skin to produce a significant amount of collagen creating a lifting and tightening of the area treated, especially in those areas where previously we were not able to offer effective non-surgical treatment. Jett Plasma is the non-surgical revolution within aesthetics.

This effect is achieved with a “spark” which generates heat, warming the skin and thus achieving the desired effect. Only Jett Medical can offer both dotting and scanning due to its patented direct current technology. By offering both modes Jett Plasma is a safer and more effective treatment for your client.

Jett Plasma Lift Medical is a medical device that can only be operated by trained practitioners. Jett Medical UK is the first company to offer a level 4 accreditation to all of their students.

The Jett Plasma can be used on any part of the skin, but the exciting part is that it can be used safely on the area around the eyes, especially the sagging upper eyelid and the under eye area using our patented and unique intensive scanning technique.

After local or topical anesthetic has been introduced to the treatment area, the device is applied.

The client will experience some heat from the spark created, but it is very tolerable.

This spark or plasma arc creates a response in the skin, leading to collagen induction/production and the subsequent rejuvenating and lifting effect.

As a result of the electric voltage, a cascade of physiological processes occur which result in the cell membranes tightening. When the majority of cells in the treatment area tighten up, it is visible to the naked eye straight away. It is like erasing wrinkles in front of your eyes.

Skin tightening and texture improvements are the biggest benefits but the amazing thing with Jett Medical UK’s Plasma Pen is the safe and effective treatment of skin lesions, moles, fibromas and pigmentations and much, much more.

One to two sessions are usually needed. Most people will respond effectively after one session and will be able to see the effect immediately.

You can expect to look younger and fresher within a very short time, but still over time your skin will respond by naturally building more collagen and increasing elastin and the results will continue to increase over a period of 3 months.

Swelling for approximately two to four days post-treatment that can be significant enough to warrant social down-time. Light crustations / discoloration may be present for 3-5 days. This can be covered by the recommended make up after 24 hours.

There is minimal discomfort afterwards, but it isn’t significant. It is similar to mild sunburn

Skin contraction takes 1-6 weeks post-treatment and you will continue to see skin tightening and improvement as time passes.

It is compulsory for all our prospective patients to have a face-to-face consultation prior to making an appointment for this procedure. During the consultation, you will analyze your clients issues, examine the face and and discuss the range of treatment options available. A full medical consultation must been taken along with informed consent.

Although the crustations / discoloration may be rubbed off immediately after the treatment, we advise this is kept intact for 2-3 days. To maximize the effects of your Jett brow lift and non-surgical blepharoplasty, we recommend you take the following aftercare steps:

  • Avoid applying any cosmetics until the following morning. Then only apply the brand recommended by your practitioner for the first 3-5 days
  • Avoid all direct sources of heat i.e. sun, UV radiation, saunas etc.. for a minimum of two weeks. An SPF most be worn at all times for the first 4 weeks and is recommended for 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • Be extra cautious to not exfoliate the crustations / discoloration for the first 3-5days. Skin exfoliation should be avoided for the first 2 weeks after the treatment
  • Take anti-histamine eye tablets for 2-3 days
  • Your practitioner will advise you on the creams and serums to be used during the healing period or you can buy a Jett Medical UK aftercare pack. Use this according to instructions.

The Jett Plasma treatment stimulates instant contraction and shortening of skin fibres and this process continues to take effect in the first 2-4 weeks up to 3 months. The effect of the treatment is subjective to number of treatments and you’re ageing process, but typically may last in-between 2-5 years.

You will age as you would otherwise and your skin will continue to lengthen and relax as part of the ageing process. We recommend repeat treatment 1 to 3 after the initial procedure depending on you aging process. Each individual is different.

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemakers
  • Patients with metal implants (joint replacements, orthopaedic implants, in the area to be treated.)