About PhiRemoval

Did you ever had Bad Experience with Permanent Makeup?

While it is considered being permanent, we can now actually help you to remove unwanted pigmentation from your the skin either fully or just partially! Using this amazing non-Laser technique – PhiRemoval. It is the best, highly efficient and safe way to remove anything you are not happy with!

Various tattoo removal techniques has been performed during the history of permanent makeup. Some early forms of tattoo removal included the injection or application of wine, lime, garlic or pigeon excrement. Nowadays the most popular removal technique is “laser tattoo removal”. While Laser technique can be very efficient removing very dark or black permanent makeup, Unfortunately, it is not capable to remove any other colours we find in permanent Makeup treatments such as red, white or green.

Luckily, PhiRemoval is non-laser technique and can now remove any pigment or ink colour from your skin!

Picture is taken from PhiRemoval Academy Procedure in the picture is performed by Ella Sakalauskiene

Indications for Removal:

  • Badly shaped Eyebrows tattoo
  • Uneven eyeliner tattoo
  • Pigment migration round the eye after eyeliner procedure
  • Uneven lip Liner or lip colour
  • Permanent Makeup pigments discoloration – red, grey, blue, green
  • White or Camouflage pigment used to cover previous tattoo area.
  • Maybe just a change in taste or trend and you would like your eyebrows shape to be different

Picture is taken from PhiRemoval Academy Procedure in the picture is performed by Ella Sakalauskiene

How PhiRemoval works?

Permanent Makeup Removal works in the similar way as performing tattooing or micro-pigmentation procedure, using same tool or device.

The Removal formula tattooed over the unwanted permanent makeup area and it starts working almost immediately drawing the original tattoo ink or pigment from the skin and moving it upwardly.

After procedure within next 48 hours – scab forms over the even more pigment out.

Healing(Scabbing) process is considered to be between 7 to 14 days or i some cases slightly longer.

The scab will peel off naturally, and will remove more unwanted pigment out.

Due to the safe nature of this method you will most likely need more then one procedure. This is needed to have a best results with no scaring that you would usually get after other removal techniques. Procedures can be done every 6-8 weeks